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New Year Intentions

Well, here it is: I guess you can’t go into the New Year without thinking about resolutions. But honestly, I’ve never been a fan of making resolutions. Listing a bunch of intangible demands is a recipe for failure. I’m not a glutton for punishment (anymore), so I’ve decided to release this demand of myself.


This doesn’t mean I’m against goal setting. Done right, setting goals (at any arbitrary date during the year) are key to success and creating what you want in life. I’ve used SMART goals very successfully in my business. I won’t bore you with those details, so if you don’t know about goal setting with SMART goals, Prof. Google can give plenty of advice on that one.


I’ve also heard some of my mentors introduce a concept of working with a different goal each month. For example, in January, drink a green juice every day. Then in February, do 20 minutes of yoga each day. Each month would be different. Each month could be completely separate or you could build on the previous month.


But for me, as a new momma (with my head bobbing just slightly above water), all of that seems way too overwhelming. Last year I decided that I wanted a middle ground. Not to forego the tradition altogether, but also not to set crushing resolutions. And what came to me was to set a word of intention. As a family, we chose one word that was meaningful to us, and then every decision we made came back to that word.


In 2017, our word of intention was



Previous to that I felt unorganized, cluttered and confused. So we streamlined processes in the house, released some chaos, let go of some possessions, prepped some meals in advance, and all-in-all simplified our way of living. We went on to use this to decide on buying a house. Not one that was huge and would clutter our minds with a ton of debt: Just a modest home that really fit our intention.


We plan to do the same in 2018, using the next few days to really focus on what we what 2018 to reveal.


What will your word for 2018 be?


XOXO ~ Dianne


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