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Navigating those summer BBQs

Summer is here! The warm weather is sure to bring lots of social events and summer BBQs. But if you’re also watching what you are eating, how do you navigate these events?


1.      Decide which camp you are in

Are you currently eating for a specific goal? Do you have a health concern? Or a weight loss goal? If so, you may want to continue your eating style at the party. If you have less concern, give yourself a break and enjoy the food and company.

2.      Eat whole foods

Choosing foods in their whole form are a sure bet that you are skipping the extra preservatives and chemicals in processed foods. Unprocessed meats and whole fruits and vegetables are generally great choices.

3.      Bring a dish to pass

If you bring a delicious healthy dish, you can surely chow down on this! A salad, quinoa with veggies or a cabbage slaw are great choices. Check on the recipes on my website for more inspiration.

4.      Eat ahead of time

Have a snack before you leave the house or drink a smoothie on the way in order to curb your hunger. This way you won’t be ravenous when you walk into the party and you’ll likely be able to make better choices.

5.      Be mindful of what you are eating

Before you take your first bite, stop, take a breath and connect with the food you are about to eat. Just because you are in a social setting doesn’t mean you should eat mindlessly.

6.      If you enjoy alcohol, skip the sugary mixers

Depending on the party, alcohol may be flowing. If you decide to partake, choose non-sugary beverages. Seltzer water and real fruit will probably be your best choices. 

7.      Enjoy the experience

Accept the choices that you make and have fun in the whole experience. Enjoy your company. It’s not all about the food. In fact, it’s hardly about the food. It’s about sharing the experience with friends and loved ones.  

Bonus: Sunscreen!

And by the way, if you are enjoying the sun, skip the chemicals, but don’t skip the sunscreen. Your body will have a tough time processing harsh chemical sunscreen on top of indulging in some extra foods and beverages. I choose a physical sunscreen like Badger, ThinkBaby or Beautycounter.  


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