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Holiday Guide

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Its Christmas time and I am certainly feeling the spirit of the holidays. The lights, the music, the shopping, the cookies and the parties. We use the holidays as an justification to party, socialize and eat all the things! But don’t feel bad about it. Get in the spirit. Enjoy and be merry.

But let’s remember a few things:

        * Don’t forget the basics! Drink enough water, eat veggies at every meal, move your body, rest enough, and be present with your friends and family. These are very basic principles of health and wellbeing. When these are in place, you are giving your body the best chance at recovering from overindulgences of the holiday.

        * When you can, make better choices! There are lots of great snack options on the market these days. Take advantage of when you are providing your own food. Don't know how to make the best choices? My snack guide is below.

        * When you are ready, reset. I wrote an amazing book called the5 Day Holiday Reset” for this exact purpose. Pick it up today to learn to reset your body, mind and soul in this crazy season.



Snack guide – a guide to making better snack choices this holiday season and all year long

Links provided to Amazon. Many of these products are also found on Thrive Market


Green Light: organic, ethically sourced, honey sweetened
Red Light: hydrogenated oils, soy lecithin, corn syrup
Trusted Brands: Theo, Divine, Pure 7, Enjoy Life, Hu, Unreal
Green Light: grass fed
Red Light: MSG, sugar, soy
Trusted Brands: Mission Meats, Epic, Fieldtrip, the New Primal, Wild Zora
Green Light: organic or non GMO
Red Light: corn syrup, soybean oil, canola oil
Trusted Brands: Purely Elizabeth, Larabar, That's it
Green Light: coconut oil, avocado oil
Red Light: canola oil, maltodextrin, MSG, artificial colors
Trusted Brands: Jackson's Honest, Siete, Good Health
Green Light: organic or non GMO, natural colors
Red Light: artificial colors, corn syrup
Trusted Brands: Yum Earth, Wholesome
Nuts/Trail mix
Green Light: raw, organic
Red Light: vegetable oil, sugar
Trusted Brands: Now Foods, Navitas, Living Intentions
Green Light: organic or non GMO
Red Light: corn syrup, soy, canola oil
Trusted Brands: Simple Mills, Mary's, Flackers, Jovial


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