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Just Eat Real Food

Real, whole, nutrient-dense, minimally processed food is the key to restoring true health. That might sound like a heavy statement, but I say that with confidence because I’ve experience this first hand. Not only with myself, but also with a multitude of clients. I believe in its healing benefits and nutritive value to the body.

What do I mean by Real, Whole Foods? Real food doesn’t have packaging or a long shelf life. These are foods that are picked from the ground (fruits, vegetables, grains), grazing on grass (meats), or swimming in water (fish), then have little-to-no processing by the time they get to your kitchen. They are not chemically altered, manmade or synthetically preserved. The food is then prepared and served, ideally with some attention and love.

What do I mean by Nutrient-Dense? The vitamin and mineral content is rich, especially compared to the caloric content. These foods offer lots of bioavailable, clean nutrients to fuel the body.

In other words, spinach would be a much more nutrient dense option than soda. (That’s an obvious one, right?)

A sweet potato contains more nutrient value than a slice of bread. There are tons of vitamins and minerals in a sweet potato (vitamin C, E, folate, beta carotene, potassium and iron), whereas the bread has virtually none.

Taking it even further, the full egg (especially eggs from free-range pastured chickens) would be more nutrient dense than just egg white. The nutrients live in the yolk of the egg and in the balance between the white and yolk. Vitamins A, B & D, selenium and choline are plentiful in egg yolks.


Here’s why my stance is so strong:

I’ve been through many health ailments since my early 20’s. Nothing was ever officially diagnosed, but I was put on medications to manage symptoms. I was consistently coping with pain and felt generally unwell. This discomfort escalated into worse and worse episodes and finally culminated in a hospital stay. I was desperate to find an answer. Desperate to feel better. Desperate to lose weight. Desperate to live a life that was not controlled by my symptoms.

I wanted so bad to make some health changes. But I didn’t know where to start. So I didn’t.

In December 2014, the stars aligned and I crossed paths with a holistic health coach and got started on a plan. At the time, I didn’t fully know what I signed up for, but I was cooking according to her Real Whole Foods meal plan (called 12 Days to Sexy) and immediately felt a difference. Within 3 days, MY LIFE CHANGED. I could comfortably miss a dosage of pills: something I hadn’t been able to do for 10 years. Bloating faded. Brain fog lifted. Sugar cravings disappeared. Pain lessened. My energy increased. My mood was stable. My periods were less severe. My skin cleared. WEIGHT STARTED EFFORTLESSLY FALLING OFF.

I felt good. I felt great. I felt like a new person. I had more life in my body than I ever knew possible.

I had a great desire to exercise and channel my energy. So, I joined a hot yoga studio and took on a 30 day challenge. And I succeeded. Even more, I developed an amazing yoga practice and was left with a desire to practice more and eventually become a yoga instructor myself.

It is with this enthusiasm that I have not only the desire, but the NEED to share what I’ve learned. I NEED teach you what it means to gain health through nutrition and yoga. I NEED to because I CAN. Because I am well enough. Because I have enough energy now. Because I made these changes, I can now share my light with the world.

Are you sharing your light with the world?

How can I help you make lifestyle changes to share your light, lose weight and gain health in 2019?

I have a Weight Loss Challenge starting on January 10 at 6 pm at ElmTree Wellness in Hawley, PA. I also see one-on-one clients remotely. Won’t you join me?


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